How to release pent up Sexual Tension

Pent up sexual tension is energy that has been blocked or suppressed.

Its great when you are aware that you have this because you can work on releasing it. When you are unaware of pent up sexual energy, it literally burns and consumes the energy field just to stay where it is, causing a whole lot of physical and mental illnesses, metabolic and hormonal disorders.

Awareness of having pent up sexual tension is the first step to releasing it.

The first step to releasing pent up sexual energy is to be aware of it. Awareness begins the releasing process right there.

Besides being mentally aware of having pent up sexual energy, allow yourself to physically feel the movement or build up of sexual energy in your body, tracing its path through your body if possible.

Trying to convert sexual energy using mental suggestion is only going to add to the tension.

The second step is to stop trying to ‘convert’ sexual energy into some other form of energy.

I know you must have read a million books about the benefits of converting sexual energy into energy for other tasks. The thing that most of us don’t understand is that while sexual energy is our basic energy, it cannot actually be controlled or directed mentally.

In the fight to suppress one’s own sexual energy, many have lost their health and mental balance.

Sexual energy is the driving force behind our lives, and the daily living of our bodies and minds. It has to be given its own expression through life – the way that comes instinctively to us, that is in harmony with our spirit.

Allow sexual energy to find its own path to release.

This doesn’t mean we do things that are against our idea of morality or religion. It just means we allow our sexual energy to choose its outlet through any area of our life or being. We are all infinite beings with infinite options of expression – our bodies know this and will naturally flow in harmony with the rest of our lives.

Being our basic life energy, sexual energy is not restricted to acts of sex or sexual pleasure, but will find its own expression through whichever opportunities are available.

As long as we mentally try to direct it, we are not allowing ourselves to naturally flow with it. As soon as we stop mentally directing it, it begins to flow naturally. Great love-making, great works of art, things of joy and beauty and healing result from sexual energy flowing the way it wants. Let it become a part of your life.

The third step to releasing pent up sexual energy, is to exercise the center of the body.

Find the center of gravity of your body and exercise it for sexual tension relief.

If your body was fit within a big ball, where would the center be? That’s where pent-up sexual energy exerts the most pressure. This point is the key to releasing sexual tension. If you have sex but do not release energy from the center of the body, even if you have an orgasm, the pent up sexual energy is not fully released and will keep demanding release.

To release sexual energy from your center, do any exercise (dancing/yoga/pilates are great), massage (essential oils work wonders), deep breathing, or just rubbing of the area around and below the belly button. Get the nerves and muscles in the area relaxed, the back bone warm and soothed till you feel energy radiating out to the rest of the body. You will feel rushes of energy moving up and around freshening you up. This relaxes and clears up the part of Brain that manages expression and you will find yourself able to manage your life and sexuality in ways so much simpler and enjoyable.

This is also the second best thing to do if you have trouble falling asleep because of pent up sexual tension. The best thing to do of course, is make love.

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