General FAQs – Inverse Field Energy Treatments

Do you use religion, meditation or spiritual healing in your energy medicine?

Do you use distance energy healing in your energy medicine?

Is Inverse Field Energy Treatments the same as ‘Dot In Circle’ energy medicine?

How are Inverse Field Energy Treatments prepared?

What is your Energy Medicine made of?

How do you get the energy fields of herbs and flowers?

Why is Inverse Field Energy Treatments prepared for only one individual?

Do you heal and balance chakras for energy healing?

How do you study my energy field without meeting me?

Why do you show diagrams of round energy fields instead of long ones with chakras in them?

Is this energy medicine part of Ayurveda?

Can this energy medicine be taken along with herbal and other alternative medicines?

Does your energy medicine have side-effects?

What is the difference between your energy medicine and homeopathy?

Why do you use Magnesium Sulphate salt to carry energy fields?

How effective is your energy medicine?

How is your energy medicine taken?

Can I increase or decrease the effects by taking more or fewer drops?

How can your energy medicine heal me if it contains no chemicals from herbs and flowers?

What is the difference between Bach Flower Remedies and your energy medicine?

What is the difference between a Flower Essence and a Inverse Energy Field Essence?

How is Inverse Field Energy Treatment different from other Holistic Treatment methods?

How much do you charge for energy medicine?

How does Inverse Field Energy Treatment work?

What are the common effects of the process of healing using Inverse Field Energy Treatments

What is a composite Inverse energy treatment?

Is Caraf Avnayt available for phone or email consultation?

Does Caraf offer courses or training?

What is a zero field zone?

Do you use religious methods, meditation or spiritual healing in your energy medicine?

No, Inverse Field Energy Treatments is made from pure organic herbs, flowers, trees and minerals. These are all natural energy patterns which are deeply beneficial for us. Having their energy field causes us to heal without being ‘mentally’ aware of it as this is how nature works. For example, you didn’t need to meditate or ponder on spiritual matters to learn how to walk. Nature inspired you to start walking. Similarly, healing is natural to us and flowers and herbs inspire healing innately in the human body.

Do you use ‘distance energy healing’ in your energy medicine?

No, we do not. The healing is done by flowers and herbs in their pure energy form, charged into your energy medicine. There is no one involved but you and Mother Nature herself. I just prepare the right combination of herbs and flowers to suit your body and energy needs.

How is an Inverse Field Energy Treatment made?

We use your information to get an approximate idea of your energy field pattern, and then balance that to match the universal earth energy field at your place of birth or current living area. We get energy field samples from organic herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, various cold pressed oils and fuse them together to make an energy field sample that’s very much like what yours would be if it were absolutely healthy. Through an alchemical method that uses pure stable water and electricity passed through gold or silver, we transfer these natural energy fields into water and then have that water absorbed into magnesium salt crystals which carry the water to you. You then put those crystals into water at your end and the water in them comes out and meets with the rest of the water and passes on the energy field it has carried all the way from us to you.

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What is your Energy Medicine made of?

Inverse Field Energy Treatments is made of the inverse energy signatures of pure organic herbs, flowers, trees and minerals. It does not contain the herbal extracts of these, just the energy pattern which gives rise to these flowers and herbs.

How do you get the energy fields of herbs and flowers?

In ancient times this was done using solar and lunar energy (sunlight and moonlight) at specific magnetic points on the earth’s surface on specific days of the solar and lunar calendars. It was also done using electricity generated by alchemy or lightning passed through gold or silver bars.

In our times, because of atmospheric pollution its possible to capture pure energy fields from solar, lunar, or lightning energy only at the peaks of mountains that have no radiation or rays passing over and this only during eclipses. The most convenient option known at this time, which I practice, is our traditional alchemical method that involves passing electric charge for a fraction of a second through 100% silver or gold. This is the only method where the pure energy pattern of a substance can be captured without retaining ANY of its physical components, and without having it either positively or negatively charged. It is phenomenally powerful in this form.

Why is Inverse Field Energy Treatment prepared for only one individual?

Each person/animal’s energy field is a unique combination of patterns. Some of these patterns (ways in which energy is used in the body) come from our genes. The other patterns come from the various environments we are exposed to through life. For example, if we were born in a place that is more dry (desert) than wet (tropical) our energy patterns would make our body store more water than someone born in a place with a lot of water and/or rainfall.
We are also impacted by our experiences – physical (diet, medication taken, injuries etc); emotional and spiritual experiences that have changed or affected our sleep patterns, brain electricity and so on.
As such each person is absolutely unique and a treatment has to be fine-tuned to a high degree to actually make a lasting difference. This is why Inverse Field Energy Treatment is made specifically for one person at a time.

What is a zero field zone?

An energetic zero field zone is a place on the surface of the earth (or any body) that corresponds to or is in direct line with the center of gravity of the body. It is called ‘zero field’ because it is balanced, ie; not positively or negatively charged from the center or origin of its body.

In nature everything is balanced when the earth field in a place is not cut off from the center of gravity of the earth. However, due to various interference in the earth energy field – chemicals, radiation, imbalanced electrical activity and so on, the surface earth field becomes charged positively or negatively affecting all the plants, animals and life forms on the surfaces (geopathic stress). For this reason, we cannot use plant and mineral energies from these places to heal ourselves or use in energy medicine.

Our herbs, flowers, plants and minerals have been gathered and preserved from the wild in zero field zones. I have inherited many of these precious samples from my ancestors, and have added some to the collection through my own travel in the Himalayas, wild Australia, Blue Mountains of India.

My husband and I have been trained to recognize zero field zones from childhood. We also maintain a private zero field environment in which to prepare energy medicine.

Do you heal and balance chakras for energy healing?

No. Inverse Field Energy Medicine does not interfere or manipulate anything in the energy field as we consider that a violation of a being’s private space. However, as a result of the constant nearness of the energy charge carried in our energy medicine, the light energy field does shift and change its patterns in keeping with the will of the person involved. We have no say in the matter, but are always happy to to receive emails saying changes have happened for the better.

How do you study my energy field without meeting me or seeing my photograph?

We get information about your body and lifestyle from the online consultation form. When these are considered as different parts of the same energy field, it becomes very simple to get an overall picture of your energy field health, resistance and so on. Your health both physical and emotional, is a direct reflection of your energy field. Each can be read by studying the other.

On the order form, there is a little explanation near each question field to let you know how that particular piece of information helps us understand and treat your energy field.

Click here to have a look at the Order Form

Why do you show diagrams of round energy fields instead of long ones with chakras in them?

In reality, the human energy field, like every other energy field in the universe is more round than oblong. The reason art has depicted the energy field as oblong is because they are showing the area closer to the human body, making it more relevant to popular meditation practices. Physically speaking, the energy field of all beings exists in a round form, with a center of gravity – and energy, right in the middle. The physical body itself forms along the vertical axis (for humans) or the horizontal axis (as in dogs, horses, etc). This is just what we see. The unseen parts of us extend in all directions from the center of our bodies.

Is this energy medicine part of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda – which is the science of healing with herbs, is itself part of a larger more ancient conglomerate of healing arts. These include the various types of yoga, from the popular Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga forms to the rarer Vyayama Yoga; Reiki, and so on.

Inverse Field Energy Medicine is the traditional craft of an ancient Hebrew matriarchal line and not a branch of the healing arts of the Hindu priests of India. As such, even though it has been used along with Ayurveda and Yoga for a couple thousand years, its roots are different, its principles are different; We practice zero interference and zero psychological suggestion; and its methods – being taught and passed on by women more than men, are different. 

The Middle ages effectively sent the entire healing community, especially women healers, underground and in Europe the knowledge resurfaced as Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies. In India, while the high caste priests have taken authority over every form of traditional healing, our form of the medicine has been preserved within tight-knit family circles and secret communities passed strictly from ancestor (usually the mother) to child in person – an unbroken tradition involving the use of pure herbs, flowers, metals and minerals used in exact combinations and made specifically for one person.


Can this energy medicine be taken along with herbal and other alternative medicines?

Absolutely. Energy Medicine by virtue of raising your body’s ability to absorb and react to medicine helps the body respond more favorably and benefit more from any other treatment.

Does your energy medicine have side-effects?

Not at all. Babies, for example, are extremely comfortable with energy medicine, respond very well and enjoy taking the energy medicine drops. Because of being highly sensitive they are able to appreciate the energies carried in the medicine. The same thing applies to all animals – everyone loves energy medicine.

What is the difference between your energy medicine and homeopathy?

Homeopathy, like the Bach Flower Remedies and other herb and flower essence, uses energy fields that are slightly exothermic or endothermic, ie; they are charged positively or negatively. Inverse Field Energy Treatments have 0 charge and are perfectly balanced with no energetic interference of any kind. This means the energy charge stays for longer in the system and has a deeper effect.

Homeopathy is based on the ‘Law of Similars’ which means the treatment given aims at inducing in a very minute form an energy similar to that which is causing you the problem. This wakes up the body and makes it resist it strongly. This is a little like vaccination but on a much subtler level.

Inverse Field Energy Treatments also works on the Law of Similars, but the treatment aims at being similar to a person’s basic energy field pattern (current and birth) rather than similar to the illness being experienced currently by them. This makes the body and psyche remember its own way of functioning and fall back into its own natural living. Illnesses and Imbalances diagnosed and un-diagnosed all get treated effectively this way.

Besides this, Homeopathy medicines are made differently from Inverse Field Energy Treatments and belong to a more recent tradition of healing.

Homeopathy and Energy Medicine can be taken at the same time. Energy Medicine makes a person more responsive to other forms of treatment.


Why do you use Magnesium Sulphate salt to carry energy fields?

Salt hydrates are an ancient method of secret water storage. Magnesium sulphate is a salt (also called Epsom Salt) that has 7 water molecules attached to each molecule of magnesium sulphate. These 7 water molecules carry the energy field pattern of whichever substances were in contact with the water the last time the molecule formed. This makes it an excellent carrier of energy field patterns.

Because it is bound together with Magnesium sulphate the energy field of the water is not affected by the radiation and high temperatures most packages sent by mail around the world are subject to.

Molecular Structure of Magnesium Suphate or Epsom Salt
Detailed information about how it works to store water in a dried state is at this page.

Although Magnesium Sulphate has wonderful health benefits, one of which is supporting the heart in managing stress, we only put in a little pinch of the salt as a carrier. This gets diluted over the weeks and is ultimately a very tiny quantity with negligible physical effects.

We used to use Himalayan Snow Quartz crystal till mid March 2013. While this was convenient for us and most people taking energy medicine, we realized we had to stop it sooner or later as snow quartz takes billions of years to develop and it is now becoming harder and harder for us to find the pure unheated quartz. Magnesium Sulphate however is easier on our Mother Earth’s resources so we decided to make the change.

How effective is your energy medicine?

In the short-term energy medicine is effective within 15 minutes or so of taking the medicine. It makes you feel more awake if you are awake, and helps you fall into deeper sleep when you are sleeping. It raises body awareness, emotional awareness, sensitivity to sense organ impulses, and balances erratic energy movement in the body. It also calms and soothes the nervous system so there is usually immediate relief from neuro-pathic pain (pain reported from nerve endings). It facilitates the movement of energy within the body boosting athletic function, body motor control and balance, blood circulation, better digestion and bowel movement and relieving chronic fatigue syndrome – which is a result of widespread energy blocks. The effects are really too many to list here.

In the long-term energy medicine corrects an energy field to make its outsides suit its insides or natural pattern. Most illnesses are caused simply because of a conflict within the energy field – where the energy flow is being manipulated to be different from its basic pattern. When this conflict is calmed down and energy pathways cleared of long standing blocks or twists, the energy field – and physical body heal to mirror the new balance.

How is your energy medicine taken?

One pinch of the Magnesium Sulphate salt is to be put into the little dropper bottle provided (or any container convenient to you). Shake it well so the salt dissolves. You can drop the salt – just a pinch is enough for up to a litre of water – in any quantity at all, into water that is at room temperature or below it. The quantity of the salt doesn’t matter, the tiniest pinch is enough, it is simply the carrier of the energy field charge which is the real treatment.

Now it has to be taken – 2-5 drops in water at room temperature – twice a day preferably around sunrise and sunset. This is because the energy field changes its flow around these times and will absorb the treatment better if it comes during this time.

Energy Treatment has to be taken for a minimum of 6 months – ie; till your energy field stabilizes and has gotten into the habit of processing and holding energy properly.

Can I increase or decrease the effects by taking more or fewer drops?

No. No matter how many drops you take, or even if you drink a whole glass, the energetic effect is the same. There are no physical effects or even electrical effects of the charge as it is an Inverse field charge.

How can your energy medicine heal me if it contains no chemicals from herbs and flowers?

Energy medicine is just that – energy medicine. Your body like every other body in the world, is made up of energy first. This energy interacts with itself resulting in denser energies in an endless loop of reactions – some pure energetic and some chemical or electric – which result in the physical body we can see with our eyes. Herbs and Flowers are also the result of similar reactions.

Just as the chemicals from herbs and flowers can heal the chemical processes in our bodies, so the energy components of herbs and flowers can heal the energy processes in our bodies.

What is the difference between Bach Flower Remedies and your energy medicine?

The Bach Flower Remedies are a collection of 38 pure energies from specific flowers, trees, and herbs each corresponding to one particular emotion. If you have a particular emotion – the fear of not being loved for example – there’s a Bach Flower remedy to address just that emotion.

With Inverse field treatment, the energies from herbs and flowers are not aimed at specific illnesses or emotions even, but at repairing energy field holes, blocks, imbalances and disorders. For example, the energy field of garlic powerfully throws out energy from the center of the field towards the outside in all directions causing energy to flow out, while that of Lime gathers up energy towards the center causing conservation of energy within. It is a highly fine-tuned precise alchemical science that takes years and years to master. It is for the same reason highly effective and it is prohibited to practice until you have been training for at least 20 years under the direct supervision of your teacher.

The Bach Flower Remedies are slightly positively or negatively charged, whereas Inverse Field Inverse Energy Fields have 0 charge, and no traces AT ALL of physical substances that could cause side-effects.

Examples of the Energy Field Properties of some Herbs and Flowers >>


What is the difference between a Flower Essence and a Inverse Field Inverse Energy Field?

Flower Essences made by using Sunlight or Moonlight to capture flower energy fields into water are ‘exothermic’ (sunlight) or ‘endothermic’ (moonlight) energy fields. This means they are active energy fields, which impose into a person’s energy field fully and actively and definitely modify the way energy is used in the body; Almost the same way a herbal extract affects the body but on a subtler level.

Inverse Field Inverse Energy Fields are equally charged energy fields made with pure electric current in 100% silver or gold. This means that the energy field is not positively or negatively charged and is simply an un-moving freeze of the energy pattern of a flower or herb. This means it literally doesn’t cause side-effects of any kind, and yet it is very powerful because in this stable form it sits in the center of any energy field it is introduced into and simply by being there makes the energy field change its energy management processes.

Every Inverse Energy Field is so powerful that it is bound or fused together with its opposite energy fields and many other fields – mostly to neutralize its extreme patterns. It is so powerful that through time only those trained for about 20 years in how energy fields work have been taught how to make and compose them.

Inverse Field Inverse Energy Fields are highly powerful and are almost always combined with their opposites before being given to anyone – person, animal or plant.

Flower Essences and Homeopathy essences are diluted a few thousand times to get near to the point where there are no actual physical substances or molecules of the mother substance left. This is called ‘Hahnemann’s Point’. The reason this is done (besides getting rid of the chance of any side-effects) is because an energy field that is supporting physical matter needs to be ‘moving’ or volatile. The lesser the physical matter, the more stable or ‘still’ an energy field is, the more energy it’holds’.

Inverse Field Inverse Energy Fields are one step beyond Hahnemann’s point where there are no physical substances at all, because the process of making these Inverse Energy Fields involve an ancient alchemical process where the physical substance does not come in touch with the water or salt that is charged with it. It is just pure, stable, energy field pattern that is passed using pure gold or silver into distilled spring water and then snow quartz.

How is Inverse Field Energy Treatments different from other Holistic Treatment methods?

Medicines that contain physical substances, like Modern Medicine and Herbal Medicine affect the physical processes of the body.

Treatments that use active energies – like Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Reiki, affect the active energy processes of the system.

Inverse Field Energy Treatments uses stable or static Inverse Energy Fields that move to the center of the energy field and sit there. By being in the center, the actively affect none of the body’s systems, but by simply being in the center, affect the ENTIRE system at the same time.

The effect can be compared to meeting an old friend. Have you noticed how you behave and feel different when you meet a childhood friend? Suddenly its easy to laugh and shout and be excited like you used to be then. This friend’s influence without actually manipulating your body or mind can make you feel happy, energized and this promotes healing. The effect of energy medicine is similar – simply by example, energy medicine makes our bodies and energy fields behave different.

How much do you charge for energy medicine?

Energy Medicine costs USD 499 inclusive of Priority International Shipping and lasts for 6 months at a time.

What does ‘Dot In Circle’ mean?

Please Read: ‘Dot In Circle’ is Inverse Field Energy Treatments

What is a composite energy treatment?

An usual energy charge is composed of 12 ingredients each of which is an energy combined with its opposite.

A composite energy treatment contains 2 such energy fields combined together into one. I make these for people or animals for whom the need of the hour is the ability to adapt to environment or other energy fields around.

 Are Ujwal or Caraf Avnayt available for phone or email consultation?

Due to current laws in most of the countries we ship treatments to, we are not able to offer phone or email advice specific to a person. We do not, either, offer any sort of communication aimed at convincing prospective clients.

Do you offer courses or training?

Not at the moment. But thank you for asking. Our craft is a traditional one taking around 20 years to learn, definitely not something that can be taught over the internet (for now). We do publish articles with a lot of practical information, to help with understanding our perspective of holistic healing, that can be used to great personal benefit and to treat others effectively with holistic healing methods (if you are a practitioner of holistic healing of any kind).

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